Breakaway Techniques - 1 Day

Course Details

In health and Social Care evidence suggest that, incidents of physical assaults between patients, patients to staff, and the general public is unavoidable. Staff are required to follow each patient or client’s individual or management care plan, verbal de-escalation and diffusion techniques as per organisational policy then followed by non-verbal de-escalation techniques which is the ‘Safe use’ of breakaway techniques.

CPD – 7.5hrs

Course Aims

For CCT experienced trainers to deliver high quality training which is in line with current UK legislation and accredited practice standards by ICM and other accredited UK government bodies in monitoring and managing people who present with violence and aggression.

For CCT to make it clear to its customers and participants that: ‘Their Safety is their main Concern and Priority all the times’

Course Objectives

For CCT trainers to continue to work collaboratively with its customers and participants so that:

They can raise awareness, build knowledge, skills and confidence in using verbal and non –verbal techniques to manage and maintain everyone’s safety by using

CCT‘s proactive non-verbal and verbal de-escalation techniques, break away techniques and the use of safe restraint methods or techniques as the last resort.

Course Modules

This one day course will allow participants to gain knowledge and skills on how to break away from possible holds and grabs of:
  • Body, Wrist, hair and clothing grabs
  • Punches, head-butts, kicks and groin attacks
  • Hand Grab, Wrist Grab, Arm Grab,  Grab from behind, Front bear hug, Rear bear hug, Hair Grab, Other Grabs, Front Strangle, Rear Strangle, Biting, Scratching
  • Assaults whilst on the floor
At the end of the course all participants will be competent in the following areas:   
  • Be able to understand and have full awareness on what factors would escalate to physical aggression and assaults
  • Use your verbal de-escalation techniques effectively and progress to the use of breakaway techniques to safely remove yourself from any holds or grabs
  • Separate two people grabbing or holding each other
  • All techniques have been risk assessed according to a process within the ICM guidelines 
  • Relevant legislation and the law regarding dealing with breakaway techniques. 
  • Understanding Reasonable Force: Common Law 
  • Understanding Reasonable Force: Section 3 (1) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 
  • Understanding that every intervention made must be therapeutic, respecting an individual’s human rights, good record keeping , reflection and de-briefs