Radicalisation & Extremism Awareness

Course Details

Preventing Radicalisation & Extremism course is for all Health Care Staff or Professionals who work in NHS and Private Health Care Services

Course Aims

For CCT Skilled Trainers to deliver high quality accredited face to face training with practical skills sessions which is tailored to organisational need and policies .For CCT skilled Trainers to deliver training which fulfils the current Core Skills Training Framework(CSTF), current CQC and NICE guidelines

Course Objectives

  1. For Learners to gain knowledge and understanding of what extremism and radicalisation is and why it is important to discuss and address the potential causes
  2. For Learners to gain knowledge and be able to recognise the signs of someone vulnerable to extremism
  3. For Learners to gain knowledge and awareness of people being at risk of radicalisation and extremism and be able tosafeguard against extremist recruitment
  4. For Learners to gain knowledge , skills andbeconfident in challenging extreme views wherever they appear
  5. For Learners to gain knowledge , skills and confidence on how to make a referral to following organisational policy and Channel when concerns rise
  6. For Learners to gain knowledge , skills and confidence in having a holistic understanding of the Prevent strategy and its aims to proactively prevent radicalisation and extremism
  7. For Learners to gain knowledge and awarenessof recognising the potential risks of Prevent

Course Modules

  1. Definition
  2. Statistics and Key Factors
  3. Contributory Factors
  4. Assessing and Identifying the Vulnerable people
  5. The Channel Panel Process and Prevent Strategy
  6. Networking with Communities and families
  7. The Process of dealing with a concern
  8. Understanding the ‘Prevent Assessment Tool’
  9. Risk Management
  10. Prochaska and Di-Clemente Cycle of Change

Course Benefits

 This face to face course provides all healthcare organisations and professionals with an in-depth knowledge, skills and awareness on how to identify and proactively stop or minimise the risk of employees who may be vulnerable of being drawn in terrorism as required by the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 and the Prevent Duty Statutory Guidance of the UK. All healthcare professionals attending this training must take this course seriously as part of the UK Government Drive to eradicate Radicalization and Extremism.

CPD – 2 Points